Benefits with Attracs Online

Attracs Online is a Transport Management System, that has been developed for progressive transport and logistics companies. Attracs Online has 20 years of experience of developing more efficient and profitable logistics systems. The Attracs Online Transport Management System provides full flexibility for every shipment. Customers' goods and needs always determine what the shipments will look like and in reality, this means that shipments need to be planned in real-time with flexible routes.

Transport Planners require optimized transport solutions, based on the goods and the available transport capacity. The Attracs Online Transport Management System is an authentic reflection of actual operational activities. Planners do not need to register tasks, but can manage them virtually as if they were right there.


Towards the future with a Transportation Management System supporting dynamic routes

The world is constantly changing, as are logistics systems and the transport industry. The effective planning and execution of more cost-effective logistics and transport services is a necessity for surviving and thriving in an ever shifting global economy. With Attracs Online Transportation Software, your company has the best opportunity to optimize your transport systems and thereby become more profitable. Supply chains need to be adaptable in a market that demands the best and where delivery flow is always just-in-time. Full flexibility in your shipments is becoming much more of a reqirement in the industry.

Attracs Online optimizes delivery flow and maximizes your income

With the Transport Management System, Attracs Online, transport companies will continue to thrive in the future. They will be able to optimize delivery flow in dynamic routes whilst maximizing their turnover per kilometer.

Trade and industry companies have the chance to minimize their transport and logistics costs with Attracs Online, while using it as their Supply Chain Management system.

It works as if it were a real, and provides real-time information about the flow of goods. This allows all partners to have constant, reliable access to this information all in real-time. The Track and Trace and the status history will also become a natural part of the flow.


Minimize wasted kilometers – increase your profitability

Attracs Online Transportation software provides the tools for planning a cost-effective transport and logistics chain. It also gives you the possibilty to follow up this profitablity in real-time. This software simplifies the duties of the Transport Planner by providing a way to follow up on which combinations of goods, vehicles and routes work out to be most profitable.


Attracs Online provides an overview

Attracs Online provides an overview of the entire transport and logistics chain, and this gives your business transparency. Allowing all concerned to see exactly what is going on in a given moment in the system, transparency will improve the workflow of business managers, transport planners, terminal personnel, drivers, fork lift operators and all other partners involved in the operations. Transparency leads to better results on all levels and will result in continuous improvement.


Be environmentally-friendly

Environmentally-friendly transportation is based on the abovementioned factors, such as minimizing wasted kilometers and optimizing loads. Dynamic logistics and the ability make real-time calculations combine to make environmentally friendly transport possible. Successful green transportation is directly linked to profitable logistics.



Attracs Online handles the entire process for forwarding companies, which don't carry out transport duties or only complete part of the route. The forwarding duties are sent on to transport partners that can carry them out. Orders in the delivery process are carried out in an uninterrupted, transparent process.

  • Customer contracts
  • Orders/Booking
  • Forwarding
  • Clearance
  • Settlement
  • Billing


Attracs Online is designed for dynamic logistics, which gives Tranport Planners the possibility to immediately change the tasks for drivers, when new bookings arrive, or when new situations arise during the day. The most important task for Transport Planners is to plan the most profitable transport system possible. Attracs Online makes this task much easier, since the Transport Planner is now able to follow up which vehicles and routes are most profitable in real-time.

  • Attracs Online real-time calculator guides Tranport Planners to continuously increase the turnover per kilometer, and pushes them to plan the highest fill rate possible.
  • Companies in trade and industry who want to control their logistics themselves, are able to minimize the logistic- and transport costs when handling the entire supply chain with Attracs Online.


Terminal Management becomes a part of Planning in Attracs Online. Forklift drivers and the HUB-/terminal personnel have an overview of the vehicles that arrive, and of deliveries that need to be loaded or unloaded. All tasks happen in real-time, which makes it possible for Transport Planners to directly see what is loaded or unloaded, and where it is situated.


The Transport Planners communicate with the drivers through Attracs Mobile Client (AMC). AMC supports everything from larger devices to mobile phones. Additionally, the AMC Web module, supports smart phones and tablets. AMC is integrated into Attracs Online, which means that all messages and events happen in real-time. Drivers are always able to get information about routes and destination for the goods through their mobile devices.


Our unique development methods and underlying granularity in Attracs Online enabels analysis from any angle in your business. Operational business carries out tasks and duties that reflect the reality, and thus enable reports with advanced and detailed calculations. This information enables you to make better descisions, operationally, tactically and strategically. Introducing smart strategic methods into your business will help it to grow in the right directions.


Attracs Online can be easily integrated with the ERP system used by your customers, e.g. SAP or Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Integration with systems used by other partners or authorities is also possible.