• IFA Partners

    We chose Attracs Online due to its user-friendliness and its effective data processing.


    International Forwarding Association (IFA) is a cooperation of 40 privately owned family businesses focused on EU-forwarding, whose main goal is to achieve as many bilateral traffic-lines as possible.

    IFA's president John Verberkt explains that the association decided several years ago to install a common platform in Central Europe to increase the possibllity among the members to exchange shipments via the platform instead of finding individual transport solutions per shipment.

    – Attracs Online was presented to us during a meeting by one of our members (Ahola-Finland), as they understood the demands of our network and could see that it was a good solution for us. Ahola Transport had had very good experience with the software themselves. Finally, the presentation of Attracs Online as a platform structure, in combination with easy and simplified, but efficient, partner information, convinced us to choose Attracs as a system.

  • Ahola Transport

    I haven´t come across another program, which is able to calculate profitability in advance, to the same extent as Attracs Online.


    Ahola Transport started using Attracs Online in 2003 while Rickard Snellman was Project Manager, and the development of Attracs Online still was in progress. Now, he is IT & Quality Manager at Ahola Transport and the customer, while Attracs is the service provider. With 8,5 years of experience with Attracs, Snellman now knows what the system is worth. Here he shares some of his experiences with us.

    – The greatest advantage with Attracs Online is that it is tailor-made and built for the specific needs of Ahola as a transport company. We can forecast the profitability of a transportion job in advance, and we are able to analyze the data that is output in many ways, which is much more in depth than a standard system has the capacity for. We get a great variety of data from the system. After a job is completed, we can check the sales contribution to check how profitable it was.


    – We have been able to increase the amount of successfully undertaken work per Transport Leader. We can also handle more vehicles and goods per Transport Leader, due to Attracs.

    – When we implemented the Fork Lift Client module at our Transport Links in Naantali, Tallinn and Nykvarv in 2005, our business became 30% more effective. Everything was manual before, the system was outdated. However, now when we use Fork Lift Client we get data in real-time and everything is online.


    – Since Attracs was formerly a part of Ahola Transport, it took some time before we found a common model of cooperation. The collaboration just gets better and better. We are pretty spoiled when it comes to the realization of functionality. Whilst the standard systems provide updates only a few times a year, we have a usergroup that meets once a month, where we plan and order what we need.

    – In the end, I recommend Attracs. The core of Attracs and the basic idea is absolutely thought through. I have checked other similar systems, but I have not seen any other program that can calculate profitability in advance to the same extent as Attracs. Attracs is also characterized by a high level of commitment.

  • Peura-Trans

    The co-operation has worked well, and to our satisfaction, the system was delivered quickly.


    Peura-Trans Oy was founded 1989, and has its headquarters in Kuhmo. Peura-Trans provides tailor-made transport solutions, and has a reputation for its high standards and customer service. Peura-Trans' Finnish terminals are situated in Vantaa, Iisalmi, Kajaani, Oulu and Kuhmo. From these terminals, goods are transported across the whole of Finland. The Peura-Trans delivery transport network also extends to Italy, Spain, Germany and the Benelux countries.

    In 2011 Peura-Trans incorporated part of the Ahola Transport business. With the expansion of the company, it was necessary also to expand the ERP system. Peura-Trans started to use Attracs Online and were not disappointed.

    – "We chose Attracs Online because we could see that it was a successfully functioning system", says the CEO of the company, Tuomo Kyllönen.

    Kyllönen is particularly satisfied with his co-operation with Attracs, and especially the fast delivery time. The system was up and running within a month.