Attracs - 20 year of experience in system development for Transport Management System

In the Middle of the 1990's the development of Attracs Online began as a project within Ahola Transport. The aim was to build an uniform and reality-based ERP and Transport Management System with integrated profitability calculations and dynamic routes, to meet the expanding needs of the company. The task was to build the ERP-system Attracs, also known as Ahola Tactic Transport Recognition Analysis & Coordination System.

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Attracs Online got recognition for their work 2004, when they won first prize in the national innovation competition InnoSuomi.


In the end of the 2014 received Oy Attracs Ab DNV Business Assurance Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2008 for Design, development and sales of Supply Chain Execution system and services.


Nowadays, Ahola Transport is one of the leading transport companies of cross-border freight in the Nordic Countries, much of its success is due to the features of Attracs Online. "I haven´t come across another program, which is able to calculate profitability in advance, to the same extent as Attracs Online", says Rickard Snellman IT & Quality Manager at Ahola Transport.

Through a close collaboration with the transport business, Attracs has developed Attracs Online for over 20 years to become a world-leading Transport Management and ERP System.


Our development team has 20 years of experience in system development for more efficient and profitable logistics. The development team is in direct contact with the user support, which you, our customer, need to maintain a functional and smooth ERP System.

Our email addresses are in the form: firstname.lastname@attracs.com


Martti Vähäkangas is Chairman of the Board. Hans Ahola and Niklas Kankkonen are the board members. Secretary of the Board is Ida Saavalainen.


Tommi Hollström, Juha Åkerlund, Vesa Ulvi and Toni Penttinen.


Attracs Online leads the way for progressive transport and logistics companies. With Attracs Online your company has the chance to develop dynamic, profitable, transparent and environmentally-friendly transportation, and to be a step ahead of your competition in the future.

Our system developers are the best when it comes to developing excellent and dynamic systems for complex business models. Solving complicated logistics and transportion problems motivates them.

Our values stand firm and our business continues to develop due to customer demand.

It is our responsibility to prioritize an overarching plan where we, together with the customers, layout a plan of action and work according to that.

We advocate openness, which means that when we can't fulfill our promises, we immediately inform all partners.

We respect the individual. All employees have the same value, no matter their title. It is our aim to provide good conditions for all our employees, to enable them to succeed in their professions.